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nanoCAD Construction

What's new in nanoCAD Construction 20.1

nanoCAD Construction 20.1 is based on the updated nanoCAD Plus 20.1.
The read more about nanoCAD Plus 20 visit nanoCAD Plus page.
User interface is updated. Interface icons are redesigned. nanoCAD Construction supports light and dark themes.
The Utilities have a new command Object numbering (SPNUMOBJ). It provides automatic numbering of objects that have an editable text attribute. The command dialog box allows you to customize the numbering method, set the initial numbering number, numbering step, specify the prefix and suffix.

Text formatting controls appeared in tables. The font in the cell can be adjusted in height, set the color and thickness of the text lines.

Implemented a new dimension type – Offset dimension. The command allows you to set dimensions on splines.

Addition functionality for manipulation with IFC-data:
  • Now it is possible to update the imported IFC file
  • Save IFC with merging of changes
  • The object tree settings are implemented on the IFC tab
  • Optimized storage structure of project data
  • Accelerated work with IFC projects

The algorithm for the operation of the premises has been updated:
  • Rooms now have a marker showing the area including finishing
  • Baseboard length calculation takes into account doorways
  • Improved "Statement of finishing of premises" report. It displays total area of surfaces with the same finish
  • Implemented tabulation in leaders and tables
You can set the indent before the text or number in the leaders and tables by press CTRL + TAB

  • In the array along the trajectory, it became possible to set the offset from the beginning and end of the trajectory

  • Technical Requirement formatting is improved. Tabulation, setting indents, underline and strike-through text were implemented.

  • Updated database objects:
    • Columns now have the ability to turn on the display of axes
    • Updated plan objects

What's new in nanoCAD Construction 9

nanoCAD Construction 9.0 is based on nanoCAD Plus 10.1 platform. Details


  • IFC3/IFC4 format support implemented.
  • Loaded IFC files can be reread. To update the IFC, you must click the 'Update IFC' button on the IFC panel.
  • Implemented the merging of changes in different IFC-files while saving to the same file.
Architecture Project Manager is represented as a special tree on the functional toolbar. The architecture structure is automatically loaded when importing IFC data. Using the capabilities of this panel, user can view and edit the data of an IFC project: add a floor, a multi-layer structure, or change the style of an object.
All changes in the project can be exported to IFC format.
When importing BIM data, nanoCAD Construction converts IFC architecture objects (walls, columns, doors, windows, rooms, etc.) into nanoCAD Construction library objects. With just two clicks of the mouse, you can place ready-made floor plans of your object with recognized rooms on the drawing, while using regular tools of nanoCAD Construction you can get tabular reports (explications of rooms, columns lists, etc.)
Two new architectural objects have been added to the program: a floor slab and a roof. They are available in the project manager and have a 3D view. Multi-layer styles can be applied to both objects.

Added command to automatically number attributes of objects. The command finds all specified objects with attributes and numbers it according to the specified algorithm. All objects that have text editable attributes (block, database object, universal marker, etc.) can be selected.

Implemented controls to set separately color and thickness of lines and texts.
Significantly accelerated the work with large tables (more than 1000 rows).
New door elements:
  • sliding door (gate) with opening in a niche;
  • overhead gates;
  • lift door (gate);
  • folded door (s);
  • sliding-folded door (gate);
  • revolving door;
  • etc
Also added to the Library:
  • Some I-beams steel elements.
  • Ladders, platforms, step-ladders and steel fences for industrial buildings of industrial enterprises
  • Symbols of elements of sanitary systems
  • Base bolts
  • Steel sheet profiles
Strikethrough text has been added to the technical requirements and specifications dialogue.

Added command to create a polygonal wall. Wall can be created with the PPOLYWALLADD command. Implemented a new view of the wall - simplified. Selecting this presentation option displays the contours of the wall materials.

Changed the principle of work with the 'Chamfer' command.

Added global parameter for forced saving of PROXYGRAPHICS system variable.

Now you can apply the Scale command to the Hole object.

Implemented support for multi-line text (MTEXT) in callouts. In the nanoCAD Construction callouts, you can now create multi-line text using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter to create a new line.

Added an additional space marker “Area”, showing only the area value.

Revised Geometric Section Specifications (SPGCS) command. Now it is possible to assign independently axes with respect to which section parameters will be calculated, and in a new window Geometric section properties a format, accuracy and units of measurement of selected sectional characteristics can be adjusted.

  • A new editor of technical requirements and technical characteristics has been implemented, in which it is possible to create multilevel lists, numbering without a dot after the point and editing text indents.
  • Created setting the value of the lower field format. You can set it in the menu of Construction> Settings> Forms> Formats> Indent of the lower frame.
  • Amendments to the work of callouts, texts, objects of architecture, database, etc
  • Significant number of errors were corrected