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Have you created a successful application for AutoCAD? Are you interested in creating new software for design engineers? Are you a student studying CAD development? If so nanoCAD is for you!

nanoCAD comes with multilevel Application Programming Interface (API). It allows you to use COM, LISP, .NET or C++ to develop software applications that run inside nanoCAD. The new MultiCAD API for C++ and .NET is a revolutionary development tool used to create binary compatible applications for multiple CAD platforms. Applications developed with the MultiCAD API will be able to run in nanoCAD as well in the other DWG compatible CAD systems (for example, AutoCAD.) The list of supported CAD platforms by MultiCAD API will be available through the nanoCAD Developers Club.

Nanosoft can also distribute your application, giving you the ability to reach a larger audience of users.

What does nanoCAD provide developers?

  • nanoCAD is the only free DWG-compatible CAD development platform in the world. You pay nothing for nanoCAD nor for development tools.
  • nanoCAD is widely used, with hundreds of thousands of downloads.
  • nanoCAD is a technically sophisticated and modern CAD solution. It is built with a clean-sheet software architecture, developed by a team of developers with deep CAD experience.
  • nanoCAD is an easy-to-use and convenient platform for software development
  • It is easy to import applications created for AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, and other CAD systems using ARX-like APIs.
  • We provide developers with an existing sales channel to distribute their applications

Join the club!

Interested in building applications on the nanoCAD platform?
  • Step 1. Sign up as a nanoCAD developer. 
  • Step 2. Accept the terms and conditions of the “nanoCAD Development Agreement.”
  • Step 3. Receive an approval and get full access to the nanoCAD developer resources. 
  • Step 4.You are on the team. Download the nanoCAD SDK and start creating.

Special terms and conditions

In addition to the standard terms described in the “nanoCAD Development Agreement,” it is possible to get special terms and conditions in partnership with Nanosoft, allowing you to use nanoCAD as an OEM solution. In this case your application will use nanoCAD as an integrated CAD engine. For more information about using nanoCAD OEM for development, please contact us at