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Our Vision

The importance of IT in today’s world can hardly be overstated. Computers control an ever-increasing part of our lives. Industrial enterprises and engineers are perhaps the most eager consumers of IT, as the nature of their routine operations has always been sophisticated and complicated. CAD systems are mission-critical applications for them.

Nanosoft overturns the conventional logic of the CAD developer. 
  • We started to develop nanoCAD in 2008, inspired by the high piracy level in the global CAD software market. Our aim is to protect corporate CAD users from legal risks by offering them a reliable, free and 100% legal alternative: nanoCAD. More than half a million users of nanoCAD are proving that we are on the right track. 
  • We are developing a remarkable CAD system that provides great value to our customers. We distribute nanoCAD for free because we believe doing so will pay-off, both to our customers, and to us. At Nanosoft, we believe that professional CAD software should be as affordable as operating systems or VoIP application. The industry at large, and especially the customers, would be well served even if that were the only result of our efforts.
  • We focus our efforts on building a great product, looking after our customers, and thereby building a nanoCAD brand that stands for quality and customer service. Ultimately nanoCAD is designed to deliver its customers quality, consistency, and reliability. 
  • An important element of our philosophy is our commitment to shared innovation and collaboration. Our aim is to build the best CAD platform, with an open API. This means that any developer can port applications to nanoCAD with ease. Advanced users can also easily tailor their custom applications for use with nanoCAD.
Nanosoft is an Open Design Alliance Member.