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nanoCAD Installation Guide

4 easy steps to install and register nanoCAD

nanoCAD is free to use and share for individual and commercial purposes. It is not at all difficult to install:

  • Step 1. The first click. Click the Download nanoCAD button, then enter your name and email address. 
  • Step 2. Check your email.  You will receive 2 emails from The first one contains a nanoCAD download link, and the second one contains your login, password and nanoCAD serial number. Click the download link in the first email to begin downloading nanoCAD. 
  • Step 3. Installation. Begin installation by running the package you have downloaded. Enter the product serial number when prompted. 
  • Step 4. Registration and activation. You should register and activate nanoCAD to use it without limitations. To do this, run the Registration Wizard program, either at the end of the setup process, or when you start nanoCAD. In case of Network License you should install License Server first. How to Activate Network License

If you have any difficulties, or anything goes wrong:

You can also:

In case of emergency

  • If you forgot your password click here and we'll send it to you.
  • If you forgot your nanoCAD Serial Number: Try to search your email inbox (and junk mail box) first for a message from with subject "[] Your Serial Number, Login and Password". If you can't find it, click here and we'll resend it to you.