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Have you created a successful application for AutoCAD? Are you interested in creating new software for design engineers? Are you a student studying CAD development? If so nanoCAD is for you!

New CAD Platform

nanoCAD comes with multilevel Application Programming Interface (API). It allows you to use COM, LISP, .NET or C++ API for application development.  Learn more and read the nanoCAD API Blog.

A robust and resilient CAD foundation

nanoCAD enjoyed warm welcome from CAD developers and since 2008 they have been porting their applications to nanoCAD. Learn more.

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nanoCAD delivers CAD functionality to use by an application programmer. We admit everyone who is eager to stand on the nanoCAD platform. Just do it. Sign up as a nanoCAD  developer.

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Join the nanoCAD beta-test program, and help us make great CAD software.  Learn more.